Youn Sone needs YOU

At the end of the CoLive Journey, you heard the testimony of Julia Naw, who works with faith and energy to give employment to disadvantaged women in Myanmar (> watch here). After participating in the formation of a Young Lives Centre (YLDC) in Fondacio, Julia decides to create in 2019 the social enterprise Youn Sone around sustainable fashion. The objective of Youn Sone - which means "colorful" in Burmese - is to provide young people with skills that will enable them to become autonomous through their work while respecting the environment and valuing their culture and traditions.
The concrete experience of fraternity across borders has allowed us to connect our impulses and awaken our desire to contribute, here and now, to the construction of a more humane, just and ecological world. This is achieved through our individual and collective actions. Together, we can be active ferments of hope!
Faced with the health crisis, Youn Sone has managed to reinvent itself with the manufacture of washable masks made of organic cotton. The strength of our network can contribute to its development to multiply its impact; everyone can act! It's a question of making this Fondacio project visible on social networks - this contributes to making the Internet a place of "good news" - and buying these solidarity and ecological masks for your needs or those of your company.
Concretely, we are counting on your commitment to each and every one of you for : 
 1/ To provide you with masks, if you need them! 2 types of masks (pleated and bandana type) according to AFNOR standards, immediate availability, postal delivery in France and Belgium within 5 days:
2/ Admire and make known the whole collection of YOUN SONE on their new website 👉 where you can buy their products live by sending an email or via the DreamAct platform. 
3/ Make the buzz by publishing or sharing this information on your social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. The more the pages and posts will be 👍 "liked" or "liked", the more you participate in the diffusion of the good news published there .
👉 Get Ready to "Like", set, go! To help you, here are some examples of posts that you can publish as is or adapt :) with one of the photos attached ! 
4/ Relay these actions by talking about this Fondacio project "from the end of the world and at the same time so close" in your homes, frat' or communities ...

Together, sent into the world of CoLive, let's act!


The CoLive Team 
François, Yvonne, Nicolas

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