Young Leaders

Many of us launch ourselves into adult life with the desire to build a life that is consistent with who we are, and to commit ourselves to the service of what animates us. 

But where do we begin? How do we discern between deep aspirations and socio-economic imperatives? What is the next step to take? At the same time we see how the world today needs inspired leaders who know how to follow the Holy Spirit to respond to situations of growing complexity in the sense of harmony and justice. 

The Young Leaders program was born of this twofold observation, and of the friendship of Hubert de Boisredon and Louis Faure who, 30 years apart, have found a strong resonance in their respective calls to work for the formation of inspired leaders participating in God's work. 

This program under construction thus takes the form today of a school of inspired leadership: it is not ego-driven power leadership, but a courageous choice to be true, loving and vulnerable in our relationships, to dare to manifest our convictions and to give what is most dear to our hearts in the confidence that this can open a way in the other and lead him or her into a transformation that is not ours.

The starting point of the programme is a volo nary, during which the participant chooses a relationship which, in his or her opinion, is today less than it could be, and for which he or she commits to a personal path of truth and leadership in order to be available internally to draw the other into a renewal, a restoration of the relationship. This process is a setting in motion from which, at the heart of daily decisions, one builds or consolidates the foundations of a life in coherence with God's calls. 

The keystone of this programme is companionship: in fact, this programme is not lived with an official companion but, after an initial setting in motion, with the support of a close one who commits himself to walk alongside us. It is this companion who helps us to remain attentive to God's calls, and with whom we can draw on a loving gaze in order to advance along the courageous and demanding path that is the unification of a given life in order to build a more human and just world. 


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