Two organizations at the service of a sustainable Africa.

Sichem / AGRO-DR, two associations that help their members take charge of their own lives in order to set an example and promote development in rural areas.

The rural environment in Togo is facing major difficulties, due in particular to the use of rudimentary production methods, without concern for environmental pollution. This causes a massive rural exodus of young adults, those who remain are not inclined to engage in agricultural activity. It is necessary to train young farmers, in order to encourage them to stay in the village and more broadly to revitalize rural areas which now offer great opportunities for development.

Encourage economic development initiatives with a view to harmonious and sustainable human development.

Our objective is on the one hand to emphasize the community development of village communities by promoting the establishment of CVDs (Village Development Committees) and an approach by sector, and on the other hand to contribute through training professional in maintaining young adults in their village by allowing them to participate in its development.

Provide training and theoretical and technical support with the establishment of training and apprenticeships in various fields: carpentry and masonry, agricultural training, sewing.

Sichem is divided into 5 sectors: reception, construction, education, village animation and sectors, animal and plant production.

Reception center and experimentation laboratory for the implementation of new productions in the villages and support, Sichem is also active in the field of education.

The education sector has created two libraries and is participating in the capacity building of teachers.

Since 2011, agricultural training has been set up in partnership with BRACRU-Togo and FAIEJ (Fonds d’Appui aux Initiatives Economiques des Jeunes). In 2015, a longer training of 9 months is set up in partnership with IFF Africa and BRACRU-Togo and focused on agricultural entrepreneurship.

Sichem has a great capacity for autonomy thanks to income-generating activities: construction activities, sale of processed products, hospitality. With the launch of the new training in agricultural entrepreneurship, the center can still develop new activities and sectors and position itself as a reference center in the sector of social entrepreneurship in rural areas.


Groupe Sichem / AGRO-DR – Dzogblakopé (about 20 km from Lomé) – TOGO

Responsible: Antoine Dzamah.

+228 99 48 41 90

+228 99 46 00 68

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Two organizations to encourage economic development initiatives with a view to harmonious and sustainable human transformation.