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ANGE: "Amis pour une Nouvelle Génération d'Enfants"

A project on legal support and care for children in conflict with the law in Togo.

ANGE is an NGO under Togolese law that deals with street children and children in conflict with the law. Since 2001, she has been working with the Brigade pour Mineurs (Brigade for minors), which includes many street children, where it intervenes once a week to defend and promote the rights and interests of disadvantaged children.

Children represent nearly half of the Togolese population, or nearly 3,000,000 minors. The number of children working and living on the street or at the beach is increasing daily.

The lack of a monitoring policy, provisions obliging parents to keep children in school, the dislocation of families, poverty and the inadequacy of structures to combat juvenile delinquency explain this abandonment of children on the streets.

ANGE is one of the associations accredited by the State to take care of children identified by the hotline (free telephone number set up by the Togolese State in 2009 for child protection).

Our objective:

  • to contribute to the fight against juvenile delinquency in Lomé,
  • to promote and protect the rights of the Togolese child,
  • to educate, educate, educate and to reintegrate street children in conflict with the law into society,
  • to raise awareness among parents, young people and society of the difficulties related to juvenile delinquency, the importance of parental education, the dangers of the street...

4 ANGE sub-projects

ANGE has divided its action into 4 sub-projects:

  • two reception centres, one in Lomé and the other in a rural area (Mon Refuge - My refuge) near Sichem,
  • the Brigade pour Mineurs (Brigade for minors) where ANGE provides legal support, manual training and socio-educational activities;
  • the beach where the association regularly invites children still living on the streets to meet up and organises marauds several times a week.
  • the monitoring and sustainable reintegration of children, as well as schooling, are the main focus of ANGE's actions in each of these projects. To date, more than 700 young people are cared for and monitored by ANGE, of whom about 600 are in school.

This monitoring is carried out in reception centres, in families where children are reintegrated (family of origin or foster family) and in educational and vocational training establishments. On average, about 40 to 50 children are welcomed in the centre of Lomé and about twenty children in the Mon Refuge (My refege) centre.

The latter is being expanded to accommodate more children, with the centre located in a rural area far from the city and its temptations allowing a more sustainable reintegration of children in difficulty.


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Tokoin St Jo Maison N° 57 03
BP 31295 Lomé – TOGO

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Friends for a New Generation of Children

Project for the socio-professional reintegration of street, beach and prison children in Lomé