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Coming out of the baccalaureate, or during higher education, many students are in difficulty to discern the continuation of their path, to choose a path that makes sense and mobilizes their energy.

The dropout rate in France is a strong symptom of this difficulty in projecting and orienting oneself. The school system also produces many students who are suffering in a learning mode that does not build on their strengths.

The major upheavals we are experiencing (changes in the world of work, imbalances in our societies and our planet, acceleration of time) make the future uncertain, and it can be difficult for a young person to project himself.

Our social system does not always help them to build trust in their resources, awareness of their values, the ability to think about the changing world and to think of themselves as actors in it.

It is essential to help them regain confidence in themselves, in their future, in their ability to act with hope and competence, to be among those who participate in a more humane and just world.

The offer

IFF Europe offers training in two main areas: orientation / reorientation (for students who stop or question themselves) and ethics/ solidarity:



  • The TREMPLIN course - 6 months (January to June) to bounce back and concretize its orientation project

  • The D.U. (Bac+1) OPEN - a year to mature your orientation and get involved in the world

ethics & solidarity

The training of solidarity professionals, according to two programs

  • The Bachelor "Project Management - Development and Solidarity" - Three years of professional and international training to act for a more just and humane world

  • The D.U. (Bac+3) Project design and management in the field of intercultural and humanitarian action" - one year to complete initial training with a specialization in solidarity project management

The partnerships

IFF Europe is an associate Centre of the Catholic University of the West (France), which awards diplomas.

IFF Europe is in contact with a large number of organisations, companies and schools, which are involved in training, welcome our students for internships or for their pursuit of master's studies


Foyers de l'Arche La Ressourcerie des Biscottes Emmaüs Le Rocher, Oasis des cités
Fraternité Bernadette ANGE la fabrique durable Gawad Kalinga
Anta Akhi YLDC HCB Consultants Stari RH
Toscane Armor DCC Imense
Bergam's Valdocco CCFD Breat Formation
AF Conseil EMCC Secours Catholique Simon de Cyrène, etc.

IFF Europe students continue their studies according to the discerned orientation with a very high success rate. For some people for whom the school experience has been difficult, it is a real boost to their life and studies. They have become much more aware of the world around them and are committed to making it more livable.

Many students continue in Master's degree after their baccalaureate+3. Among the jobs carried out by former students from our professional backgrounds: integration counsellor, socio-educational animator, project manager, solidarity network animator, solidarity structure manager, international solidarity development agent, educator for migrants, logistics administrator in the humanitarian sector, etc.

IFF Europe in Belgium

IFFEurope.be is located in a house in Louvain-la-Neuve. This city, founded in the 1970s by students, is vibrant, dynamic and full of youth-led projects. Many organizations offer committed activities, ranging from ecology to social work, sports and music. 


IIF Europe is located in Angers (France) and has also an establishment in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).

Director: Agnès TEYNIE

Contact France :
2 rue de l'Esvière
49100 ANGERS
+33 (0)2 41 87 87 34 20


Contact Belgium :
Rue du Poirier 8
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
0476 17 12 10


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