Fondacio in Colombia - Oasis

Building a future for a whole local population

This local project at the service of a more humane and just world, was created in 2010 to help the inhabitants of the peripheral and marginal district of San Isidro in Bogotá. In order to reduce poverty, Oasis encourages the personal and professional development of the inhabitants.

Oasis is located to San Isidro, in the northeastern hills of Bogota, is a peripheral and marginal area with an extension of 113 ha.

This zone without legalization or high risk generates unfavorable environments for the population, because it does not have the complete infrastructure of basic services in water, electricity, gas and basic sanitation essential to an adequate living conditions.

The objectives

Alongside public and private actors, local and international, the Oasis project is based on 3 pillars:

Education: fostering personal development and openness to the world at all stages of life, thanks to fun activities, support around a life project, formation and a focus on encounters in a space of sociability.

Housing: respond to the housing deficit and improve living conditions with financial, technical and human support.

Sustainable development: raise awareness about the protection of nature by developing a system of local recycling of household waste, reuse of cooking oils, and the development of a community vegetable garden.

The main activities

Prefabricated house construction

With the support of summer volunteers and the Oasis team, prefabricated homes are built with the support of a local foundation. The OASIS Habitat project also carries out a process of monitoring and accompanying families who benefit from prefabricated homes.

Environment Committee

This committee aims to develop an awareness of good waste management, for example: oil transformed into soap; old tires transformed into flower boxes: a little earth, beautiful plants and a decorative painting ...

The care of the water, the cleaning of the ravines near the district ... all this makes it possible to involve the inhabitants with the ground and its place in the life of all as a supplier of water, food, beauty, ...

Ludoteca (Education and Culture for Peace)

This project, started in January 2015, aims to accommodate children from 1 to 5 years old in the kindergartens of the sector to enjoy board games, puzzles, dolls, cooking games, cars and other toys and hobbies, access to what they do not have at home or in kindergarten. They are directed to activities like painting with their hands, gymnastics or dances with children's music and so they learn to share, discover things together; and values ​​such as respect and trust.

Social Service in the Territory (Education for Peace)

It is an opportunity for students in the last years of high school, neighborhood and other sectors to respect the legal obligation to provide a social service as a compulsory component of the curriculum for their integral formation and to contribute to the building their cultural and national identity, ...

The different projects of Oasis allow them to realize these courses through their dynamics of service to others.

Oasis environment project

It aims to build spaces with the community that generate a friendlier environment and with a greater degree of appropriation of the inhabitants, through three axes of action; Ecocuadras, urban educational gardens, the circular economy through ecological products as entrepreneurship tools.

Eco Cuadra: It is a block in which between 20 and 40 families participate with the separation of usable waste in their homes, which are delivered to the recyclers of the neighborhood that are part of a pre-cooperative. 

Urban educational gardens: These are public spaces in the neighborhood and other private spaces where permaculture, urban agriculture, and community work are taught to families, creating bonds of appropriation.

Organic products: we provide tools for entrepreneurship by teaching to make organic products by recycling cooking oil for the manufacture of soaps and coffee grounds as an exfoliator.

In recent months, we worked with children between 3 and 5 years of a neighborhood garden in an exploratory process where we teach them the magic of planting, it was a wonderful experience that we will replicate in other gardens

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Responsible: Soraya GUERRERO ACOSTA

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