Fondacio in Togo

Fondacio in Togo since 1988

A community that gives meaning to life with projects in the service of our humanitarian actions.

"In Togo, our mission is to help everyone to give meaning to their humanity through the accompaniment, human and spiritual formation of young people; adult couples and families.

Through our development projects, we give a future to street children (ANGE), we train actors who initiate change (IFF AFRICA), we fight against AIDS (JADE for Life), we develop rural areas through vocational training and school creation (SICHEM). We also promote quality education (SUCCES+)".


average income
260 $/month
Annual growth
40% pop.
Human  Index
0.487 (166th)
life expectancy
59 years
Situation of poverty
51% pop.

Fondacio in Togo

There are community groups in each region as well as groups of teenagers (12-17 years old), young adults and a "couple and family" cell.

Succès +: tutoring under the supervision of Martine Agbabgla.

ANGE: center for the reception and reintegration of street children and in conflict with the law. John Amouzouvi is Chairman of the Board and Gabriel Amouzou is the Executive Director.

Sichem: agropastoral farm-school and rural development school under the responsibility of Antoine Dzamah. 

Le JADE - pour la vie: health center for the fight ainst HIV whose leaders are René Laboe (DCMS) and Joel Ahadjitse.Fondacio ogo

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Fondacio Togo
17 rue des Siroccos
Hountigomé, LOMÉ, TOGO
(près de l'hôtel Mémorial) +228 90 07 11 55

Fondacio in Togo

Gregoire Agbegnenou

Gregoire Agbegnenou

In charge of the SUCCES+ project in TOGO

I got to know Fondacio when I began my socio-professional life thanks to the meetings of exchange and reflection in the neighbourhoods with the youth cell. Having trained in Political Sociology and Communication, I wanted to dedicate myself to organizations that work for the well-being of Man, where the impact on people's lives is visible. 

Fondacio and its projects have made this possible. And, today I work in the Project Success+ to improve the success rate of children from poor families. The child's success at school nourishes my commitment to make the most disadvantaged happy and fulfilled.

Today, my greatest motivation is to meet other people who are just as committed to the same cause in order to help people at the grassroots level to get back on their feet. 



In charge of Fondacio in TOGO

In 2004, when I was a volunteer facilitator at the NGO ANGE in Lomé, I had the extraordinary encounter with Fondacio Togo during a youth forum linked with an Ado camp organized in Aného, near the border with Benin. This meeting nourished the person in charge that I am today because what I had as a commitment for the well-being of children living in precarious situations had just been completed: I give and I receive in return by living my faith to the full. 

And since February 2019, I have been in charge of Fondacio in Togo. My commitment has been a "YES" of docility to the call of the Lord and to what has always marked me as an identity as a human being: Service! 

My responsibility is a voluntary service. It is a gift of self that is very demanding in my precariousness and my limits as a young person always in search of meaning in life, but oh how awakening.

My gratitude to all the little drops of water that come to nourish and shape my river. I am not alone. Peace be upon you and be blessed for each of your acts of closeness.

In Togo, 51% of the population lives
in a situation of multidimensional poverty

Togo ranks 166th in the ranking by the human development index and 156th in the World Bank's business climate rankings out of 190 countries in 2018.


Institute of Formation Fondacio

IFF Africa wants to be a "revealer of talents" for the service of a more humane world. 

Economical context

The return of international donors, starting in 2007, has enabled the revival of GDP growth, with an average of 5.2% between 2010 and 2016. Driven by agricultural production, transport services linked to in international trade and the positive impact of infrastructure improvement on private economic activity, IMF staff forecasts 4.7% growth in 2018.

While the country no longer had an agreement with the International Monetary Fund since November 2011, the IMF and Togo concluded on 18 January 2017 an agreement for the establishment of an Extended Credit Facility, approved on May 5, 2017. It represents a USD 238 million loan spread over 3 years and repayable over 10 years, equivalent to 120% of Togo's quota in the IMF.

The main export products are cement, phosphates and cotton. Togo asserts itself mainly as a transit economy, based in particular on the autonomous port of Lome, the only deep-water port in the Gulf of Guinea, the new terminal, the banking "hub" and rail interconnection projects with Ghana. and Benin. The National Development Plan (PND), recently adopted by the government, intends to make Lomé a logistics hub and services, and Togo a pole of development in the agricultural field.

51% of the population lives in a situation of multidimensional poverty within the meaning of the United Nations Development Program and Togo ranks 166th in the ranking by the human development index. Togo ranks 156th in the World Bank's business climate rankings in 2018 out of 190 countries.