Fondacio Chile delivered school supplies to children in need !

It is time to join forces and support all together our neediest children who, like all of us, are doing their best to

Meeting for the defense of children's rights at ANGE

ANGE : Synergy of action of children's rights organizations that intervene in the juvenile brigade of Lomé for minors

Fondacio's solidarity action in Burkina Faso

Fondacio in Burkina Faso and the friends of Foyer d'Amour

 Editorial by Agnès Teynié, director of the IFF Europe

It's rustling in the walls of IFF Europe, and it feels good! It's buzzing with students...

prayer in unity with Myanmar each wednesday at 2:30 french time

Following the coup d'état in Myanmar by the army, the situation remains very worrying.

The military coup d'état in Myanmar !

A fortnight ago, on this same radio station, you spoke to us about the military coup d'état in Burma that sto

Ange &Hälsa, actions for street children in Togo

The "START" project has been implemented by the NGO Halsä International