News from the Philippines

Interview of Rod Babiera Jr. from the Philippines 

Could you tell us more about you?

Interview of Jason Chan

Meeting Jason Chan communication officer for Fondacio Asia 

Empowering Youth in the Margins

"By the young and for the young"


The fight of today and of the day after...

By François Prouteau,

The CoLive Journey : From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect our energies to be active leaven of hope for the world ».

The global pandemic linked to Covid 19 has brought the planet to a stands

The Covid-19 crisis, an invitation to rethink the economy 

Companies invited to reinvent themselves with the coronavirus crisis: Armor reorients its production to make 3D v

The Plague by Albert Camus: Doing your job as a man

Albert Camus' 1947 novel The Plague, published in 1947, aroused renewed interest among many readers around t