The "Z generation" standing up to counter the coup in Myanmar

Myanmar : The Burmese military coup of February 1 brutally interrupted the democratization process.

The ecological transition at L'Ermitage

Since last June, I have been working part-time at L'Ermitage, Fondaci

Challenge of the Pandemic with UHMD

For the family of Elena, José and their five children, the last rain at the beginning of February was very different

Artemisia culture at "Mon Refuge" !

The Mon Refuge shelter and agro-pastoral centre is located in Kpomé, 20 kilometres from Lomé.

Closing of the year at COH

Last January was the closing of the year of the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre ( COH ), which in 2020 had the g

Hot topics on democracy and social networks

The news of recent weeks has highlighted the fragility of democracies.

Courage, resilience and solidarity !

Courage, resilience, solidarity....