Fondacio is a movement based on a Christian community. For this reason, Fondacio has a double recognition: civil as an Association under the Law of 1901 and canonical as a Private Association of the faithful.

As a result, Fondacio is governed by a number of official documents accessible from this site:

As a French Association governed by the 1901 Law, Fondacio has its own Articles of Association (associative status). 

As such, the latest Activity Report or Moral Report validated at the last General Assembly can be downloaded. (  activity report 2018)

As a Private Association of the faithful recognized by the Vatican, Fondacio has canonical Statutes. ( offical canonical status FR version EN version ES).

Fondacio also has the status of a Congregation recognised by the French State for Catholic groups (or not) that do not correspond to the canonical conception of the congregation. As such, Fondacio has Statutes of the Fondacio Congregation

Each country where Fondacio is established manages official documents in accordance with local regulations. They may be available on the websites of the corresponding countries