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Fondacio Burkina Faso Couples & Families Program

Fondacio in Burkina Faso is deployed in three (03) dioceses (Fada N’gourma, Koudougou and Ouagadougou) and in four (04) places namely Fada N’gourma, Leo, Ouagadougou and Koudougou. With regard to the mission of the couple axis, we note which is the most dynamic and most alive in the activities of Fondacio in our country. The activities are essentially centered on spiritual and human formations. Thus we carried out as activities:

  • Rotating prayers in families;
  • Community prayers ;
  • Participation in prayers organized by the Charismatic Renewal group
  • Training around a given theme;
  • The training of engaged couples in marriage;
  • Relaxation outings;
  • Community interest activities
  • Involved in the various services of the parish (choirs, catechesis, liturgy, parish council, management committee, …) and center for the formation of couples

“The arrival of a child out of wedlock was a difficult ordeal for our couple, it was really difficult but thanks to Fondacio, between prayers and training, we say thank you to the Lord for what our couple has become today.Hermann and Clarisse

“The key word of our couple is Dialogue and Forgiveness. We have an ordinary couple who lead a simple life based on discussion and dialogue; all subjects are discussed without taboos and without hypocrisy but in the greatest discretion c “that is to say without a word on the outside. When sorrows, misunderstandings and difficulties come, we speak sincerely and then hearts calm down and forgiveness comes naturally.” Pascal and Yvette

“On the spiritual level: Fondacio has facilitated our rapprochement with Christ to know him better and love him more. Witness the prayers in family and in community, our commitment in the services of the parish (French-speaking readers, Dads and Moms Catechists, CCB, …)

On a social level: We live in harmony with our neighbours, our colleagues and our parents thanks to the training received. They often turn to us to solve their little family problems.

On the family level: The movement has helped us to know each other better. Indeed we manage to share our meals with the family, to find solutions to our misunderstandings, to pray together, to have time for ourselves and for our children, in short, to organize ourselves better. “ Isabelle and Rudolph

“Married fifteen years ago, our couple never had the chance to live together for professional reasons. But still, we don’t let life’s hardships and gossip get the better of us, no matter how often it’s not easy.” Hervé and Adeline

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