Making a difference by empowering young and marginalized people through education and training

Asia has the largest youth population in the world, yet there is a lack of educational structures and access to opportunities. Uneducated youth have limited choices and are unable to realize their full potential for economic and social reasons.

This is where the YLDC plans to play a role in helping these young people, including migrants and refugees.

Young Lives and Development Center (YLDC) is an educational project created through Fondacio’s network in Asia, and its alumni and various local partners. It was born out of a need to equip young people from the peripheries with knowledge, skills and values. Ultimately, the program aims to help its students find meaningful direction in life; gainful employment or livelihood; & be able to contribute to their community and society.

There are currently 5 YLDCs in 4 Southeast Asian countries

YLDC Fairview , Philippines aims to empower young people who are out of school and unemployed due to financial hardship or who have lost interest in school or work, to develop positive attitudes towards education and work; equip them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to empower them and seek opportunities for a better life.

YLDC Yangon and YLDC Myitkyina , Myanmar aims to open up opportunities for young people, especially the disadvantaged, and prepare them for work; equip them with skills, deepen their faith so that they are at the service of their families and communities.

YLDC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aims to provide the local poor, migrants and refugees with English and computer skills to help them find jobs and cultivate a positive attitude and concern for others for the betterment of their lives, their family and their community.

YLDC Vientiane, Laos, offers a life skills program to marginalized young people from rural and indigenous villages to develop computer and English literacy and values training to improve their ability to access new livelihood opportunities, d education and development for their communities.

The program

Each YLDC adapts the program according to the country situation and context. Generally, the program is composed of 2 parts: life skills program and ongoing program.

In the Life-Skills program, students learn English, IT, professional development and work ethics and social responsibility (or any other skill and topic depending on their background) by attending classes, by going to exhibitions or implementing projects. The program runs for 3-5 months depending on the local context.

After completing the Life-Skills program, students move on to the Continuing Program where they are coached and guided to take concrete steps in their career/life plan for at least 6 months.

The YLDC supports young adults in their continued development as they pursue their chosen path.



3-5 months
(depending on the local context)


6 months to 1 year

Fondacio believes that partnerships with like-minded organizations are key to mission success. Each YLDC collaborates with different entities that believe in its mission such as dioceses/parishes, religious congregations, government offices, NGOs, civil organizations, private/corporate sectors, etc.


Development center for young people leaving the school system and looking for a future.


Development center for young people leaving the school system and looking for a future.


Development center for young people leaving the school system and looking for a future.


An Income Generating Project (IGP) is being developed in Myanmar, based on a sewing workshop (clothes, bags, wallets, etc.). It helps support local communities…


The Youth Livelihood and Development Center is a training center for marginalized youth. The aim is to provide them with knowledge, values and skills.