Our Seniors

Being a senior or an elder no longer means being on the margins of society, but on the contrary, continuing to be an actor in it, in new ways specific to each person.

The gradual increase in life expectancy is pushing more and more people to wonder about their future in these new stages of life that are the eightieth and ninetieth ages.

Accompanying people in these new phases of life is a challenge.

It’s about giving meaning to the years to come, inventing a new rhythm of life, finding a new relational balance in the family and in society, choosing one’s commitments, but also taking care of oneself.

Fondacio offers sessions and sharing groups that respect everyone’s convictions and experiences, with specific proposals to accompany the moment of retirement and that of entering old age.

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Seniors in pictures

Retirement has become for me a hope, a freedom to seize and not just the end of something. The proposed itinerary helped me make choices. I considered all my questions, including the balance between giving and finally taking care of myself.

An impetus, a discovery, a dynamism to prepare the future

Here everyone can be in their place on the path of faith, we don't feel drawn in.

Retreating one's life means being able to reconcile one's vocation, the interior call received, and the mission, the commitment that corresponds to it. It also means responding to one's aspirations, desires, pleasing oneself and pleasing others. Everything can become "leisure" in the good sense of the term. Retreating your life means balancing the body, the intellect, the emotional, the relational and the spiritual. It is learning to age well by seeking to become fully oneself.