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Conference: Fondacio’s challenges and objectives around the world

Conference with François Prouteau, president of Fondacio and Michael Smith, Wednesday March 17, 6 a.m. French time

The programming for Lent 2021 proposed by Fondacio Angers offers all those who wish a new appointment this Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 6 a.m. on Fondacio, beyond borders!

Stakeholders :

  • François Prouteau , President of Fondacio
  • Michael Smith , member of the international board and head of education at the Fondacio Training Institute (IFF Europe) in Angers

They will intervene to present the actions of the movement internationally.

Fondacio, a spark of life in the world!

Fondacio has around 3,000 members worldwide and several thousand friends in 21 countries. The movement is present on four continents: Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Every five years, a Congress brings together leaders and delegates from all countries. It defines the main orientations, proposes members for the Board of Fondacio and elects the President. The President and his Council ensure the unity of the community and the implementation of the guidelines set by the Congress.

In each country, Fondacio is represented by a council, chaired by a national leader and a pastoral assembly. Fondacio France is the associative body that manages the activities taking place in France.

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