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Fondacio in Chile COH: Medicinal plants at home.

Fondacio in Chile: COH Centro ocupacional hortiterapeutico has continued to work remotely since the beginning of the quarantine, offering its workshops to groups of people with disabilities or at social risk.

To reinforce this work, at the beginning of August it physically sent to two of its working groups the material necessary for the COH’s program of activities for the second semester.

Each participant received at home, by post, a medicinal plant transformation kit that will allow them to learn and practice the multiplication, harvesting, defoliation, drying, packaging and finally labeling of these plants.

The work will not only help to develop the autonomy of the participants in the production of medicinal plants for their personal consumption, but also to give them away or sell them.

Thanks to the contribution of the necessary knowledge from Monica Espinoza, program manager and workshop manager, these families will have the opportunity to start a new business and better cope with this crisis.

These COH workshops are also a space for listening and support, where the community is generated by the love of nature.

Supporting isolated people is always a priority for Fondacio’s mission, especially in these times of crisis, when they need it most.

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