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COH: An encounter with 18th century flair

The Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico, COH, continues to organize workshops and trainings for its participants.

In recent months, they have been working on training the team in the use of the professional integration tools, a big step in keeping up to date with the ongoing challenges in the areas of work and employment. As part of this, the COH made a presentation to the Fondacio Board of Directors to show the report of barriers and facilitators, in order to continue to advance in good practices of inclusion at work.

But, just as there is room for work, there is also room for celebration, especially in this month which fills everyone in our country with joy. That is why a face-to-face meeting took place with 22 people from Club Allinmapu and Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapia COH, in the Los Laureles room of the Center of Los Almendros, to celebrate this patriotic month with delicious empanadas and infallible “pies de cueca” which were danced with great joy.

Healing work, to help others heal

COH wants to achieve the social inclusion of people with disabilities, with limited resources, through their active participation in the community. It aims to improve the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of these people through their training in the reproduction and propagation of medicinal crops.


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