Laos is a small, relatively poor country, with a GDP per capita of $1778.7 in 2016. Lack of facilities and resources results in poor quality education and lack of access with low enrollment. This explains why the illiteracy rate is as low as 23% among men and 46% among women. As it is, the insufficiently educated workforce seems to be the main developmental stunt in Laos (World Economic Forum). Transition rate from primary to secondary is 60.1%. The enrollment rate in higher education is 17%, which places Laos in the 102nd country in the world on this aspect.

It focuses on unemployed young people, especially those who are disadvantaged, to help them build a future for themselves, their families and society. As it becomes clear that education is a break in their access to employment and to the development of Laos, YLDC is addressing this issue. In order to bring its modest but very concrete impact on the development of Laos, YLDC Laos is geared towards building a field of well-trained young people and village leaders to be the catalyst for change in their home environment through training holistic.

main program


3-5 months
(depending on the local context)


6 months to 1 year

Life skills program

The main idea of this program is to engage and train youth-employment. This program is implemented by guiding students in the direction of household budgeting and management. For example, students take turns in groups to go to the morning market to do the shopping necessary to cook for the day and they have a certain budget that they must use wisely. In addition, students have to do “household chores” like garden management. They are also expected to carry out an income generation project which will develop their entrepreneurial skills. Ongoing Program: The main idea of this program is to empower them to provide service and leadership for their communities. Participants will learn social entrepreneurship skills to develop knowledge and awareness of the needs of their environment and communities. Partnership The project was initiated by Fondacio Asia in partnership with the Catholic Episcopal Conference of Laos (CBCL) in January 2016 and it was then officially launched in May 2016.

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