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Ecumenical and couple-friendly sessions

Sessions for couples co-organized in partnership by La cause and Fondacio

In this week of prayer for Christian unity, we focus on the partnership between Fondacio and La Cause, a Protestant Fondacio in the organization of couples sessions.

This partnership is a place to live ecumenism.

The partnership between Fondacio, a movement recognized by the Catholic Church, and the Protestant foundation La Cause has existed for nearly twenty years and has been strengthened by years of dialogue, experience and goodwill on the part of successive leaders. This takes concrete form each year through the organization of couples sessions, open to all those who wish to take care of their relationship in order to love each other and build themselves over the long term.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity from January 18 to 25

This is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of this friendship between peoples and between the Churches which gives substance to ecumenism. Otherness and complementarity, which are the foundations of relations between spouses, are also the foundations of relations between confessions! Learn to discover and understand our specificities, be attentive to what can hurt or, on the contrary, please the other … in couple as between churches, these attitudes allow us to live together. Moreover, they enrich us and awaken us to the All Other, reminding us that no one has a monopoly on a word about God!

Couple sessions co-organized by Christians to enlighten married life The proposals are based on the care taken in their preparation by the team in charge of spiritual life, who work with authenticity and openness of heart. The joint presence of priest, pastor and lay people united in a deep communion of prayer makes it possible to offer open, joyful and meaningful celebrations, in the right tone, which welcomes everyone as he is. In the service rendered, together, the actors learn to harmonize their words, their attitudes, to choose sets and songs of unity.

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