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Podcast by Father Stan Rougier

Father Stan Rougier on ZETEO

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Father Stan Rougier enlightens us with his wisdom, his joy and this immense tenderness that he receives from God. Exceptional encounter for ZETEO on this Palm Sunday, which also marks the upcoming start of Holy Week.

Father Stan Rougier confides to us what this triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem means to him: an immense misunderstanding, because those who acclaim him are the same who will demand his death a few days later.

With him, we leaf through some of the pages of his latest book: Au souffle des béatitudes. A magnificent plea for joy, for the infinite tenderness and omnipresence of God in our lives.

A rare encounter, with a man inhabited by wisdom, sensitivity and tenderness that will leave no one indifferent: impossible not to be moved and touched both in mind and in heart by the testimony of a man who devoted his life to revealing God’s love to all he met.

A magnificent introduction for ZETEO which offers in a few days a Holy Week Podcast Retreat with Father Paul Habsburg , another very great moment that you will be able to discover from Maundy Thursday April 1, 2021.

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To read In the breath of the Beatitudes , click here.

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