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Fondacio Chile says goodbye to “Don Lorito”.

At 93, Father Isidoro de Dios Retamal, better known to everyone at Centro Los Almendros as “Don Lorito”, one of the oldest workers in what was once Viña Conchalí and who personally knew Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Juanita Aguirre, passed away.

When Fondacio took on the challenge of these lands and the team of collaborators began to form, the name of Isidoro de Dios emerged among the workers and neighbors of the sector as a reliable and respected person. This is how Don Lorito joined the Los Almendros de Fondacio center from the start.

Although he is a calm and hard-working person, a lot can be said about him. He was a hard worker, always loyal and extremely responsible. In winter and summer, he was one of the first to arrive, and already in the morning he was watering or trimming the flower beds. He had a green thumb: everything he touched turned green and everything he planted grew. He knew how to choose the right day to prune the vines, and the grapes were then big and tasty.

Today, before leaving for the cemetery, the Centro Los Almendros will receive him one last time at 1:00 p.m., to greet him and wish him a beautiful journey and an eternal rest among its planters, its vines and the song of the parrots in the central park. .

Thank you for your testimony of life Isidoro de Dios, Don Lorito, and may the angels accompany you to heaven.

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