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Words of Father Stan Rougier.

Here is a little text that Father Stan Rougier published about Fondacio!

Baden Powell had founded a movement which spread in a century in all the countries of the world. He wanted to help young people to find an ideal and to commit themselves effectively to the service of others. His insights all came from the Bible.

A new movement was born 50 years ago, ” Fondacio “. I witnessed his birth. I accompanied his first steps in Assisi. Under his guidance, I animated weekends of reflection, camps, retreats, conferences… I want to believe that this movement has a future. The message is vital:

In the Bible, to a people of slaves, God says “You are princes. ” He entrusts them with a charter:
“You will begin with respect, You will extend your hand to the person who suffers. What you do for the unfortunate, you do it to Me. »

Fondacio seems to me to be a breeding ground for vocations for the growth of a more united and more beautiful world.

The interest of my presence, at 90 years old, evokes for me the story of the old man Simeon. My happiness would be to contribute more to the development of this style of adventure. I may still have time to live. I wish to participate in the orientation of works of this scope which seem to me to be full of promise: the transmission of the most vital values for young people.

In my young years, the books “Star in the open sea” and “Citadel” were for me essential sources of spiritual awakening.

The transformation of the world through the transformation of oneself is indeed the ideal that Fondacio has given itself. The pope, with his encyclical “Laudato Si” proposes some very important acts. “Searcher of meaning”, “author of change”… this is the ideal that inhabits me. More and more. In the Bible there are long genealogies which are very tedious to read but they tell us the importance of transmission.

Good can only advance on this planet through human links. Inviting young people to take their place in the repair of this world has been my concern for my entire existence, from the age of 20.

I owe this to 2 priests who knew how to bring the Word of God within reach of my conscience. The role of coming years, as far as I’m concerned, is to want to be true to what they’ve done for me.
Working for others gives us a euphoria that leads us to a messianic vibration. Jesus Christ is resurrected through our lives. “

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