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KICKSTART 2021: Making 2021 a Great Year

Kickstart 2020 has been a huge hurdle for everyone due to the pandemic. No one expected her to change the lives we’ve always known so much.

With the strong current of change in the world, there are times when we just have to let go. Some of us become victims of the giant obstacle caused by COVID-19 and we lose our power and confidence.
Yet, ultimately, it is up to us to choose how we will react to this new normal.

Be actors of your life!
At the dawn of a new year, the year 2021, we, the young people of Fondacio Asia, thought of sharing a tool that we call PDP or Personal Development Plan; a tool that we have used year after year to help us start the year 2021.

For the first time, we decided to do this process online and open it to all our friends around the world (it’s really one of the blessings of our current situation). On January 30 and 31, we organized Kickstart 2021 ” with more than 50 participants from 8 different countries ( Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam ). It was also a wonderful experience to meet new friends from all over Asia.

But more than things to do or goals to achieve, it is a way to clarify who we are called to become. That is, getting back to what really matters and not the externalities and savoring the journey and not getting attached to the “destination”.

Before we work to envision and plan our future, we always start by examining our past. WE believe that God speaks to us in different ways throughout our lives. And with the noise of the world, it’s easy to miss them sometimes; so we have to.
We also remember that our life is not ours alone, nor for us alone. We also took the time to remember the things that matter to us and, above all, to listen to God’s guidance in our lives.

Watch the video online here :

Here are some shares from our participants about their experience during the Kickstart 2021 event and how it is helping them so far:

My little group! It was truly a gift from God. It wasn’t the group I was meant to be in, but I felt we were all meant to be together in those short but meaningful moments.
Having learned the art of using useful tools such as the lifeline, vision board, and PDP during my formative year, I didn’t always have the discipline to use them faithfully every year. This year, the Kickstart was an opportunity not only to rekindle this need, but also to understand it again. I will definitely make it a habit!

– Amanda, Malaysia

“…I was able to learn how to manage and spend my time properly, because I had to accomplish the mission I had set during the event. Before that, I had this stuff to do, with a schedule on track each time, and it was unmanageable. But after joining the event, I realized that if you keep your goals on track, there is something you can get as a reward after completing the mission. For example, in my PDP, I have to lose weight in the year 2021 and it is kind of work. I started training and exercising more often, even sometimes, especially during this crucial time when everything is closed and I can’t go out to exercise, so most of the time, I train at home or with friends. After 3 months of training, I lost about 12 kg from my current weight! I am totally impressed with my performance. Hopefully I can achieve my ideal body shape after this

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