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COH: Resumption of inclusive workshops in force.

The Centro Occupacional Hortitherapeutico has started to operate again with Club Allinmapu, this time with new members within the club, who are grateful to come back, little by little, to meet virtually with their friends. The same situation is experienced by the four groups of workshops for the organic cultivation of medicinal plants, which returned in May to carry out their activities.

But that’s not all, because for the rest of the first semester, the COH has prepared various activities, in which highlights the closing of module 1 of the virtual meetings, in order to evaluate the group on the contents learned in which the benefits of horticultural therapy, the concept of natural agriculture, the correct preparation of the land, the making of a press, and the pressing of medicinal plants, in addition to the preparation of a herbarium are taught.

To end the semester, they will have the closing of an interactive activity carried out in collaboration with the team of the Los Almendros Library, in order to bring culture and leisure to the participating team.

To facilitate the effective realization of these events, the COH integrated Belén Sanhueza, an occupational therapy student at the Universidad Santo Tomás.

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