You are currently viewing Ecology: “committing to Man and the Earth”.

Ecology: “committing to Man and the Earth”.

Integral Ecology in debate: “committing to Man and to the Earth.”

This was the theme of a conference-debate with 55 young people from different vicariates of Cotonou, gathered for a session of human, spiritual and pastoral formation in Adjatokpa (a city in southern Benin).

The opportunity for these young people to learn about and reflect on the concept of integral ecology in order to initiate actions in favor of safeguarding the “Common House” and in favor of sustainable development, which meets the needs of the present. without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

For speakers Jerome Toze and Yann ADJOVI, it all starts with wonder. We are invited to look at the world, the men and women who inhabit it, nature and God with a look of wonder. A look of blessing that thinks well and wishes for good.
This starting point will enable us to look things in the face with lucidity and sometimes, in the face of the gravity and the tragedy of what we can look at and not fall into despair…

Do not give up, do not despair but get moving, choose action and act in favor of the poorest.
The Eco-citizenship of individuals, companies and governments is becoming an imperative and we are all called to an ecological conversion. Live wisely, think deeply and love generously.

This School of Faith, initiated and organized each year for young leaders by the youth chaplaincy of Cotonou, started on Friday July 2 and ended on Sunday July 11. Nearly 10 days of intense learning, fraternal experience and celebration of nature.

A great introduction to the COVIVRE course offered by Fondacio online from September to December 2021. The first international meeting of this 2021 course already took place on June 5, with many very inspiring testimonies

Take part in the CoVivre course on integral ecology, completely free, by completing this registration form before August 15, 2021

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