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A second life for “Pure Water Bags” in Togo.

In West Africa, so-called “pure water” sachets are used daily for the distribution of drinking water at an affordable cost for the populations. They seek to quench their thirst anytime and anywhere, by subscribing to the “pure water” distribution system. However, after use, a large amount of plastic waste is released into nature. A practice that constitutes a real danger for the preservation of the environment.

APEVIA (Action for a Green and Inclusive Economy) and SICHEM AGRO-DR, two associations under Togolese law are joining hands to find a second life for water bags made from plastic waste.

It was through a symbolic ceremony of handing over 200 plastic bags collected, that the two structures sealed the SICHEM – APEVIA partnership in a friendly manner on July 24 at the SICHEM farm.

This ecological type partnership aims to collect sachets of water in the streets of Lomé and the villages, which will be made available to the SICHEM farm to be used to make nurseries of artemisia plants. These plants will have as their final destination the new APEVIA artemisia cultivation fields being installed.
This symbolic gesture augurs well for a very beautiful associative vision for a green economy with plastic bags lying around and polluting the environment.

Aware that this second life for the water sachets is not completely satisfactory, the two associations do not intend to stop at this stage. Other joint actions are being considered for the possibility of reusing the same bag of water for several nurseries. A third (and perhaps last life) could emerge in the future, thanks to use as a raw material to produce bags and kits in partnership with companies specializing in the recycling of these plastic materials.

It should be noted that APEVIA is an eco-citizen association, concerned with the protection of the environment for the social development of Africans.

It is imperative to act today to protect the environment “our common home” and to develop an economy concerned with the social, human and economic development of the populations of the planet.

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