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Africa: launch of charismatic prayers online.

The coordination of * Fondacio in Africa has launched online charismatic prayer sessions for the benefit of Fondacio leaders and community groups on the continent.

This initiative is part of the creation of the International Charismatic Renewal Service and the need for spiritual communion felt within Fondacio in Africa. A process inspired by the experience of the international era of COVIVRE to reopen the path of life in Spirit within Fondacio through digital.

A total of six (6) countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo Brazza, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo) were online for this second monthly spiritual meeting. The objective was to continue to deepen and strengthen our participation in the current of the grace of the Charismatic Renewal, in order to fully live spiritual communion in our various commitments and missions.

Through praise and thanksgiving, invocation to the Holy Spirit, Lectio Divina and intercession for the challenges and missions of Fondacio in the world, especially in Africa, 15 participants out of 28 registered (gathered in groups of 4 or 3) Prayed for each other for almost two (2) hours on the clock.

For those in charge of the Africa coordination, this time is a way of helping the participants to keep their hearts attentive to the presence of Christ, whose Word is a shining lamp in the darkness, until the day appears and the morning star rises in our hearts for a fairer and more humane world.

This spiritual meeting is therefore a practical response to the orientations of the meeting of those responsible for the Coordination of Fondacio in Africa, which was held in Calavi, Benin, in October 2019.

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