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Fondacio Chile: 4 months, 100 families.

This month saw the last delivery of food boxes from the alliance between Fondacio Chile and Claro Chile.

This work was carried out between the months of June and September, with the aim of benefiting 100 families in the sector of El Barrero, in the municipality of Huechuraba, and enabled these households to receive food and basic products in their homes.

The beneficiary families were very grateful for the help provided, which was a great relief, especially during the colder months of the year. Here are some testimonials from these families:

“Thank you for sending us the little box and for supporting all the people in the population. Without it, we could not move forward. Thank you. ” Adrian Martinez.

“I am 87 years old, at my age I needed the help that was given to me, because I live with a very low pension. Thank you very much”. Adrian Magna.

“It’s a very good job that you have done for the less fortunate. Keep doing a good job, always be generous to those in need. Thank you and congratulations” . Regina Lopez.


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