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Happy New Year from Fondacio France

Happy New Year 2021 from Fondacio France! Slideshow with extracts from the encyclical Fratelli tutti which join the charism of Fondacio

To launch 2021, we offer you all our best wishes for health and peace for you and your loved ones and above all the ability to take care of your inner light to illuminate those around you! To get the year off to a good start, we offer you a slide show on the encyclical Fratelli tutti.

Through its message, the encyclical Fratelli tutti of Pope Francis joins the specific charism of Fondacio . We were able to identify many passages making the link with the different axes of the Fondacio charter:

– Make new people emerge for a new world.
– Accompany to develop confidence, autonomy and responsibility.
– Engage in the challenges of society out of friendship with the world.
– Work for ecumenism, inter-religious and communion of peoples.

This perspective now takes the form of a slideshow that highlights words dear to Fondacio: friendship, fraternity, dialogue, but also recognition, appreciation and love. To launch 2021, this slideshow presents or reminds us of our specificity.

It is with joy that we present it to you!

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