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Last Assembly of Leaders in Chile

On Wednesday, January 27, Fondacio closed its community year with a final meeting of its enlarged Assembly of leaders, during which just over 40 people, responsible for the different community groups, areas of work and regular and specific programs related at the Covid, gathered via zoom to pray, read the year lived and look together towards 2021.

In small groups, participants answered two questions about the lessons 2020 left behind, both personally and as a community, and from what they learned, they envisioned prospects and challenges for 2021 , personally and also as a Fondacio.

In addition to sharing with the large group the summaries of each of the small groups, a detailed summary was sent to the Board, to contribute to the work of the guidelines for 2021 on which we are working.

On this occasion, Board members and some other leaders presented summaries, lasting no more than 4 minutes, on their respective areas of mission and work, so that all participants could understand the different activities carried out during the the year. In any case, the adaptability of the different work teams to face the challenge posed by the pandemic has stood out.

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