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Biocoop Versailles supports the Hermitage project

Local moral and financial support is welcome to support the Ermitage projects!

After a few meetings and the evidence of sharing common values, we received €3,000 in donations from Biocoop and established a long-term partnership for the recovery of unsold items.

Collection of unsold items from the store

During our first discussions with Charles-Henri Fortier, manager of Biocoop Versailles Chantiers , we discussed the missions of L’Ermitage and imagined what we could put in place together. The idea of recovering unsold items came spontaneously. So, when the stores has unsold items not far from the expiry date, we receive a message and we can go to the store. These unsold items (fresh produce, fruit and vegetables) are then offered to the residents of the Ermitage who occupy the Emergency Accommodation Centre, the Accommodation and Social Reintegration Center and the shared house.

Local Friday

On November 27, 2020, Biocoop Versailles Chantier offered to hold a Local Friday day to highlight local producers and a local project. In reference to Black Friday, which is based on useless consumerism , more and more brands are joining the Local Friday movement, which promotes local production. During this operation, at the Biocoop in Versailles, 100% of the margin from the sale of local products was donated to a structure, a project. The store team has chosen to support the Ermitage permaculture farm project promoting professional reintegration.

The Biocoop loyalty program

Also, by shopping at Biocoop with a customer account, purchases are converted into seeds and every 250 seeds, 5€ are credited to the Biocoop card and the store undertakes to donate 1€ to one or more associations. The Hermitage project was thus supported in 2020 and we received a donation in December.

The two actions thus raised €3,000:

2500€ thanks to the loyalty program.

+ €500 from the “Local Friday” operation.

Thanks to this sum, we were able to purchase the seeds and materials needed to set up the mandala vegetable garden.

Since January, a new partner, Singer Versailles, has also been supporting the Ermitage project. We will tell you more very soon!

If you too, as an individual and/or company, wish to support the Ermitage project, do not hesitate to Contact us at

Article by Gaëlle Rubeillon. Photo credits: Fondacio

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