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Sacred people, sacred land with Fondacio Chili

This Thursday, March 11, the World Day of Climate Action was celebrated, promoted by AIEC and Green Faith International Network, organizations in which Fondacio Chile has participated since last year.

Under the slogan “Break the Silence in the Face of the Climate Crisis!”, this climate movement seeks to raise awareness and effect substantial change in the face of the challenges facing the Earth caused by the hand of man.

The action in which Fondacio Chile took part this Thursday, March 11 at 11:00 a.m. consists of ringing the bells, for 11 minutes, of the parish of Our Lady of the Poor and of the Jesus Pastor chapel located just in front of Los Almendros Center. For this we have the collaboration of the parish priest Julio Diaz who gave all the facilities for the ringing of the respective bells. In these places were present people from the Reciclo program of Fondacio Chile to promote recycling, composting and community gardens.

Anyone who wishes can also participate by taking a photo with a poster with one of the demands you want to make in your country in the face of climate change, which can be found on the website Then, post the photo on social media under the hashtags #Faiths4Climate and #SacredPeopleSacredEarth and tag @greenfaithworld on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The movement, however, goes even further, as you can register on the Sacred People, Sacred Earth – GreenFaith website and support the 10 global demands they promote and attend the official region event.



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