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Fondacio Engaged Day in Alsace

Back in pictures of the 2021 Engaged Day!

The Engagés of Fondacio France from the East / Alsace-Lorraine region met on Sunday March 7, 2021 at Trois-Epis (68). Throwbacks to this day of celebration, in union with all the communities of France and full of momentum towards the future.

On Sunday March 7, 2021, the meeting of the Engagés d’Alsace-Lorraine took place on the heights of the reception center of the Redemptorists of Trois Épis (68) near Colmar.

Participants creatively hung their personal and community commitments and invitations on the Tree of Alliances.

The presence of young people as a gift!

4 members of the Jeunes Pro fraternity came to testify to their joy of walking together in this regular sharing group.

Also celebrate long-term Commitments

This day was an opportunity to celebrate 6 new long-term Commitments by 6 small colored boxes bearing their names.

A new partnership

On the occasion of this day, the trio responsible for Fondacio Alsace-Lorraine signed a partnership agreement with the association Nature et Vie Chrétienne (in which several members of Fondacio participate). The projects carried out together aim to open up to other groups. Initiatives and activities will be lived in a specific governance.

Nature & Vie Chrétienne offers “Nature” activities with a view to the human and spiritual growth of the person, promoting ecological transition and the safeguarding of Creation: Weekends, Frats Nature, retreat sessions, inter-group walks, spiritual walks , marvelous hikes. The proposals are open to all in respect of beliefs and approaches, knowing that the Christian reference is displayed.

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