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IncluyeTé and REV together for Mother’s Day

Fondacio Chile: Despite the pandemic, the efforts of the Hortinclusiva Cooperative continue their journey towards a more inclusive world. Thanks to this, IncluyeTé products are now part of the Green Entrepreneurs Network (REV), which aims to promote small businesses committed to sustainability and improving people’s quality of life.

This network, in turn, is disseminated by Banco Itaú, which presents a weekly newsletter to its customers, with all the companies that are part of the network. In this way, IncluyeTé has the possibility of reaching many more people and continuing to provide stable and dignified work to the people who produce it.

In addition, the cooperative has launched a new campaign for Mother’s Day, which consists of three IncluyeTé kits:

“The Best Mom” Kit: This kit contains an infuser teapot, plus two flavor infusions, which can be Melisa-Lemon, Mint-Ginger or Mint-Lemon. All for the price of 14,990 dollars.

Kit: Happy Mum”: Contains a leaf-shaped infuser or sub, as well as two bottles, one of antioxidant nut mix and the other of herbal tea. Its price is $10,990.

“Mom inclusive” kit: It includes three pots, the first of herbal tea, the second of a mixture of nuts and oatmeal for breakfast, and the third of a mixture of antioxidant nuts and dried fruits . All for $9,990.

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