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Fondacio at the Mission Congress 2021

For its 7th edition, the Congress Mission of October 1-2-3, 2021 will take place in 10 French provincial towns to bring together several Christian sensibilities.

The Mission Congress is an event that brings together Christians around the proclamation of the Gospel. Workshops, conferences and assemblies are offered to recharge your batteries! And in a very dynamic missionary atmosphere!

Fondacio will participate in local editions in Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon and Toulouse.

Everyone is invited to participate in this Congress, the mission brings us closer to others and makes us stand tall as a people.

The Mission of the Congress is 3 days for:

  • Rediscover the momentum, the enthusiasm for the proclamation of the Gospel
  • Discover your own way of being a missionary and collect good ideas
  • Train to start or progress
  • Create a network of missionary friends
  • Registration is open with a fixed price of 45 euros for the 2 days. Specific pricing may vary by region. It’s best to check the Congressional Mission website for details by city.

You will find in the program:

For couples and families:
– Day of missionary couples on Friday in Rennes, Toulouse and Lyon.
– Workshops for couples and families on Saturday and Sunday

For everyone:
– Round tables and workshops, ecumenical initiatives
– Friday: grand opening vigil, the 10 cities together
– Saturday: vigil (praise, prayer, mission, charisms…)
– Sunday: Closing plenary, mass and mission

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