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Angel: things to do in Djigbé-Atsonkopé

This Saturday, July 10, 2021, the educational team of the NGO ANGE in collaboration with the association Young Actors of Change (JAC) went to the village of Djigbé-Atsonkopé located 10 km from Tchekpo Dédékpoè for a social animation -educational. The event, which took place at USP-1 Saint-Grégoire, aims to recreate a link with the children and young people of this locality and to plan educational, cultural and sports activities.

Board games, sports, dance, songs, sketches, reading etc., were there to make the children of this village smile. This activity is part of the deployment of ANGE actions for quality education throughout the municipality of Yoto 2.

Recall that in 2016 with the support of the Daniel and Martine Raze Foundation, the NGO ANGE built a health center in Djigbé called “Saint Grégoire”, which has now become a level 1 peripheral care unit (USP level 1 ) in order to help this rural population to have access to quality health care.

ANGEL: “Friends for a New Generation of Children”

A legal support and care project for children in conflict with the law in Togo.

ANGE is a Togolese NGO that takes care of street children and children in conflict with the law. Since 2001, she has collaborated with the Brigade for Minors, which includes many street children, where she intervenes once a week to defend and promote the rights and interests of underprivileged children.

Children represent nearly half of the Togolese population, or nearly 3,000,000 minors. The number of children working and living on the streets or on the beach is increasing daily.

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