You are currently viewing Ange: Meeting with Gaëtan, a young actor in the project!

Ange: Meeting with Gaëtan, a young actor in the project!

Ange: How did you hear about ANGE?

Gaetan: It all started in 2015 when I got my second part baccalaureate. Orphaned by both my parents since the age of 11, I lived with my grandmother who could not afford to take care of me. Therefore, I wandered the streets to support myself. I did odd jobs to pay for my schooling, I combined school and odd jobs. It was during an outing that one day I met an educator from the NGO ANGE who was touched by my situation and integrated me into their youth reintegration program.

What positive things has ANGE brought to you?

G: The NGO ANGE brought me a lot of things. I was given a home, a family, and all my needs were met. The NGO ANGE made my dream of continuing my studies come true. Today, I have my baccalaureate and I am pursuing a master’s degree in China.

Q: Tell us briefly about your academic background

G: So, after joining the NGO ANGE in 2015, I enrolled at the University of Lomé, Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG), with a specialization in economic analysis and policy. After four years, I got my license. After graduating, I applied for Chinese government scholarship for Togolese students. Thank God I was selected and am now a recipient of this scholarship at Xi’an Jiaotong University. In September 2020, I started my university year in the specialty “Applied Economics”.
Because of the Covid-19, I could not go to China as planned but nevertheless I am following the courses remotely. I take this opportunity to thank the NGO ANGE which provided us with an internet connection at the center “Chez mon père”, thanks to which I can follow the courses online. However, my biggest wish is to be able to travel to China and attend the classes in person.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

G: After my master’s, I want to work in a financial institution in China to put my knowledge at the service of my country. Beyond my professional project, I would like to become a source of motivation for my younger brothers and also get involved in the efforts of the association to take care of them.

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