In the San Luis de Bogota region, a new page is turning with the recent metamorphosis of the Oasis project into “CENTRO ALTOS DEL CABO BY FONDACIO”. This development marks a major turning point in the local community landscape, with profound implications for sustainable development and environmental engagement.

A Strengthened Alliance for Sustainable Impact

For a period of 12 years, the Oasis project functioned as an essential pillar in the areas of education, housing and environment, in collaboration with Fondacio Colombia and the Corporation Sociale Emilista of the Emilio Valenzuela school . This successful alliance has benefited the residents of San Luis, providing space for the community to grow and flourish.

However, during 2023, it became clear that the divergent visions of the two organizations regarding their intervention in the territory required a separation to optimize the impact of their actions.

CENTRO ALTOS DEL CABO: A New Chapter Dedicated to Integral Ecology

Located in the southeast of the region, the “CENTRO ALTOS DEL CABO BY FONDACIO” aspires to become a center of integral ecology, highlighting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. With its move to a former presbytery belonging to the Catholic Church, the center now has a space conducive to its ambitions.

The center’s actions are varied, ranging from ecological awareness to the promotion of urban agriculture, including academic reinforcement, languages ​​and technology. This multi-dimensional approach aims to maximize the positive impact on the local community.

A Promising Start to the Year Thanks to a Dedicated Team

The year 2024 begins on a note of enthusiasm, driven by the professionalism and commitment of the team dedicated to “CENTRO ALTOS DEL CABO BY FONDACIO”. Under the leadership of Soraya Guerrero, César Salomon and Carolina Fagua, accompanied by local and international volunteers, the center is ready to meet the challenges that arise.

A Call to Action: Get involved in this Movement!

This transformation marks the beginning of a new era for the San Luis de Bogota region. Together, let’s build a sustainable future for our community.

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