Fondacio in Benin since 1981

Volunteers engaged in dynamic citizenship and pastoral projects.

In Benin, our mission is to bring about encounters that open up perspectives and create solidarity. With our various projects (Young Disciples and Imago ), we help people discover each other and pacify their relationship, we work for development through adult literacy and school support for children and young people in the city.

Carried by a community of lay people on mission in the 4 localities, the Fondacio movement was born in 1981 in Benin in Natitingou (Northern Benin). It is now present in Cotonou , Parakou , Natitingou and Sô-Zounko .

Several people regularly participate in the activities offered and many of them, mainly young people, are sent to carry out projects in partnership with other groups, movements and associations for different audiences.

Young people, couples and families, as well as people in precarious situations, find themselves in the same crucible to seek their life project together, to pacify and strengthen their relationships.

Each year, more than 600 young people and adults benefit from Fondacio’s proposals:

Training sessions, teaching and education programs through leisure and sport in schools and in parishes “Young Disciples Program”.

Meetings that encourage listening, sharing, follow-up of individuals and couples and the sustainability of the marital relationship over time, thanks to a professional offer that trains practitioners of marital and individual assistance equipped with tools having proven themselves as “IMAGO”.

Such experiences open up new life perspectives, energize relationships, give meaning to personal and civic engagement and to solidarity actions for greater justice and humanity in society.

Fondacio is a well to which any man can come to drink the water from the spring which restores life.

Together, “the committed” take care of this well and participate fully in the implementation of a spirituality with a view to the deployment of the Relationship of Friendship which gives life. Relationship that sustains life.

Average income
$68 / month

Annual growth
+ 2.75% / year

33% pop.

human index
0.515 (163th)

Life expectancy
60 years

Poverty situation
47% pop.

Our actions in Benin

Didapoumbo School : Launched in 2002 to respond to a very low rate of schooling and education in an area with very scattered habitats, 250 young people are welcomed from CP1 to CM2. A library project is carried out with the support of young volunteers.

Sô-Zounko : A literacy and educational support center in the lakeside city of Sô-Zounko in Benin, on the shores of Lake Nokoué.

Leadership team

Country Manager – Eusèbe ZINSOUGA, Deputy Chef – David TEDE, Country Council Members: Hélène MEKAN, Bruno OGNAN, Charles SAMBIENI, Jean-Pierre KIKI-OUZE, Jean TCHEDA

To contact Fondacio Benin:

Phone: (00229) 97 44 61 94

Fondacio in Benin


A literacy and educational support center in the lakeside city of Sô-Zounko in Benin, on the shores of Lake Nokoué.

Fondacio Training Institute

IFF Africa wants to be a “talent revealer” at the service of a more humane world.

Jerome Toze

Beninese volunteer

When I met Fondacio, about twenty years ago, I didn't know that I had just had one of the most beautiful encounters that would reorganize my whole life. I am delighted to see a unity every day between my professional life, my family life and my pastoral responsibilities. Through group learning, I was able to find ways to express myself without fear. Rather than being reactive, my relationships became active, intentional, and creative. Today, I am involved in the board of the Fondacio alongside young people from several missions in West Africa. These missions aim to detect potential leaders rooted in a conscious relational commitment, both family, pastoral and citizen, in order to nurture life together in a bond of love, for an Africa at all times!

Clement Yargo

Promoter of the UNIV center and the ecological medicinal farm La Nouvelle Espérance

I met Fondacio very early in the 6th grade and this community had a very positive impact on my life. Gisèle and I met in this melting pot. We are married and involved in Fondacio's “couple and family” mission. The formation received continues to help us today in our life as a couple but also in the accompaniment of other couples. This is where my charisma was born. I think Fondacio has worked to develop my charism and my vocation. From a shy little boy, I became a lecturer in Benin and in Africa on conflict management for peace in society. My commitment today is to work for lasting solutions to the ills of society, including the fight against malaria in Africa with the plant Artemisia. I received my first training on this plant during a meeting in Fondacio and I cultivate it in my agro-ecological medical-ecological farm LA NOUVELLE ESPERANCE. I remain committed to the challenges of the world in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Economic context

Benin experienced sustained growth in 2018 (+6.5%), which should continue in 2019 at the same pace, according to the IMF. The authorities are more optimistic and anticipate GDP growth of 7.6% supported by new cotton production records (between + 10 and + 15% for the 2018-2019 campaign), by construction (+ 25%), by the port activity (+10%) taking advantage of favorable conditions in Nigeria, the increase in electricity production with the start of production at the Maria Gléta 2 plant (120 MW).

Inflation is expected to remain subdued in 2019 with an annual average 2% target, below 3% and in line with WAEMU convergence criteria, but up from 2018 (1%).

Benin’s 2019 budget – XFAX-XFX billion, including XFAX-XFX billion in general budget expenditures – is characterized by a net contraction of the overall deficit (including grants) from 1,877.5 to 1264.3, billion FCFA by 270.7, thanks to an increase in tax revenue. On the other hand, the debt service burden on government cash will increase significantly in 161 (+2%, mainly due to domestic debt).

On April 7, 2017, Benin signed a program with the IMF with an extended credit facility, with financing of approximately 2017 USD. The objective of the program is to maintain macroeconomic balances by emphasizing the mobilization of domestic resources, keeping the public deficit below 151% of GDP, the compatibility of public debt with debt sustainability. Benin’s performance in program implementation was assessed during the first four program reviews.

The government action program – PAG – provides for 9,039 billion in investments over the period 2017-2021, 61% of which would be financed by the private sector, including through PPPs (public-private partnerships). It is the reference document for dialogue with technical and financial partners. Legal and administrative reforms are undertaken to improve the business climate (Benin ranks 153rd in the 2019 Doing Business ranking).