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You will be able to receive ethical and solidarity masks – You offer a future to Burmese women!

YounSone by Fondacio , an offshoot of the YLDC, offers training and jobs to underprivileged young women in Myanmar. The idea is to create clothes and decorations made from Longyi (the traditional fabric worn in skirts by Burmese women). YounSone targets the local tourist market in Myanmar, but also exports the creations to Asia and Europe.

However, due to the global Covid-19 crisis, all stores closed in March 2020 and no sales have been possible since then. This is why we have chosen to launch this solidarity campaign. We need your support in this unprecedented global ordeal to continue to provide a future for young women in Myanmar. Your help will be invaluable to ensure that our project will withstand this crisis. Any donation is tax deductible (66% reduction).

For the past few days, YounSone has been involved in the production of fair and solidarity masks in partnership with Trendethics.
You receive these masks in exchange for donations.
You can choose between 2 models

What will the collected money be used for?

In the absence of regular sales since the COVID-19 crisis, each member of YounSone has agreed to reduce their salary while continuing to invest fully in the project in order to continue producing and training. Nevertheless, the whole team depends on donations to be able to go beyond June 2020.
Reaching the fundraising objective of €4,000 will make it possible to continue paying salaries to the entire team in 2020 and to effectively prepare for the return to normal with the constitution of a stock.

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