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Western Engaged Day on March 20, 2021

Back in pictures of the 2021 Engaged Day!

The Engagés of Fondacio France du Grand Ouest met on Saturday March 20, 2021 in Angers (49). Throwbacks to this day of celebration, in union with all the communities of France and full of momentum towards the future.

On Saturday March 20, the Great West Engaged Day took place in Angers. The morning began at 9am at Saint Laud Church for a time of praise and teaching, after which each participant joined their small sharing group for a staging of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

At the end of this time in a small group, each Fondacio employee was given a small drop on which he had to write his name and his main commitment.

The celebration of three YESes

The Long-term Commitment ceremony was held in the afternoon in the Saint Laud church and brought together around a hundred people, members of Fondacio, but also the friends and families of the new “Long-term Committed”. With Msgr. Delmas, bishop of Angers, François Prouteau, president of Fondacio, welcomed everyone in their process of long-term commitment in the church.

During this celebration, the three new Long-term Commitments pronounced their YES! A YES that irrigates all the others!

Anne and Daniel Crevier

Pascale Fonteneau

We also had the joy of welcoming 8 new members, Frédéric, and Elisabeth from the community of Nantes and Magali, Laura, Sabine, Dominique, Christine, Sophie from the community of Angers.

Each new recruit then received a small white pebble in their hand, to signify this new step in their path of alliance with Christ and the brothers and sisters of Fondacio.

This pebble bears the name Fondacio, it symbolizes the alliance with Christ who welcomes us and who blesses us on this path.

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