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Prayer in unity with Myanmar

prayer every Wednesday at 2:30 a.m. French time

Following the military coup in Myanmar, the situation remains very worrying. Fondacio is present in this part of the world with several projects around education and social entrepreneurship. To be in union with the Burmese and in particular the team of Fondacio Myanmar, a time of prayer is offered every Wednesday.

Fondacio Asia & Young Lives invites us to join their weekly prayer for Myanmar every Wednesday at 2:30 a.m. French time.

Here is what Alice TAN from Fondacio Asia tells us:

Come pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Myanmar. Let us continue to send them hope and seek God’s protection and grace for them. Pray as well for the people and institutions that can do something to help end this oppression. Do not hesitate to share it with your families and friends so that they can pray with us.

Zoom ID: 895 1391 0061 Passcode: 592782

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Fondacio Myanmar was created in 2005, in Yangon.

It is one of the most dynamic Fondacio communities in Asia , since 4 projects are currently deployed in this country to meet different social and economic needs.

Young Lives: Young Lives are training centers that welcome disadvantaged young people. The aim is to provide them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to empower them and give them more opportunities for a better life.

Green Pastures : In a small village near Mandalay, Fondacio has established a goat-rearing social enterprise that funds the education of village children and provides additional income for goat-rearing families.

CLUB (Community Leader Unity Building): This project aims to organize interfaith events in Myanmar to encourage young people of different religions to live in harmony in the country. Each month, they join in an outside action for the benefit of the most vulnerable people in society.

Youn Soné: This company was created in 2019 by Julia , a former student of Young Lives, to provide training and jobs to disadvantaged young women while promoting traditional know-how. YounSone means “colorful” in the Burmese language and expresses the rich diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicities and traditions of Myanmar. The products are made from Longyi, the traditional skirt worn by Myanmar women and men. Each Longyi is hand woven with unique patterns and colors. YounSone transforms them into contemporary objects for everyday use that enhance these traditional motifs. The team is convinced that there is great potential for transforming these ancestral activities. They make it possible to offer a future to young Burmese women and a sustainable, eco-responsible and exciting prospect for the rural community.

One of Fondacio’s motivations being ” Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders “, the Fondacio Myanmar team strongly encourages its alumni to participate in these various projects. Thus, all are now managed by former enthusiasts for their development. Share Facebook Twitter Source link

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