Fondacio in Togo since 1988

A community that gives meaning to life with projects at the service of our humanitarian actions.

Fondacio was born in 1974 in France, under the name of Community of Poitiers ( see our history )

In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and within the framework of the “new communities” resulting from the Charismatic Renewal, its raison d’être is the formation and evangelization of the younger generations.

It was in 1977, in Rome and then in France, that the first meetings took place between Domingo Santa Maria, a Chilean businessman involved in the Charismatic Renewal, and the Fondacio community.

In July 1980, in Santiago de Chile, a first weekend of evangelization was given by Fondacio for about forty people. A year later, Fondacio was born there with 31 young Chilean adults and a strong dynamic of witness.
In the years that followed, Fondacio brought together people from different social backgrounds and embraced its vocation as a meeting place.

Fondacio has built a bridge between the people of the slums, the “pobladores” and the people of the wealthy neighborhoods, in responsibility in the economic or political world.

+ 2.5% / year
40% pop.
0.487 (166th)
59 years old
51% pop.

There are community groups in each region as well as groups for teenagers (ages 12-17), young adults and a ‘couple and family’ unit.

Success + : tutoring under the supervision of Martine Agbabgla.

ANGE : reception and reintegration center for street children and children in conflict with the law. John Amouzouvi is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Gabriel Amouzou is the Executive Director.

Sichem : agropastoral farm school and rural development school under the responsibility of Antoine Dzamah.

JADE – Pour la vie : health center for the fight against HIV whose leaders are René Laboe (DCMS) and Joel Ahadjitse.Fondacio ogo

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Fondacio Togo
17 rue des Siroccos
Hountigome, LOME, TOGO
(near the Memorial Hotel) +228 90 07 11 55

Fondacio in Togo

Fondacio in Togo

Fondacio Training Institute

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